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What is a New Normal for You?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Im asking, reaching you to humans who may wish to share? No two of us are alike, right?

In this post COVID-19 world... what allowances have you had to make?

What changes have you had to adapt to and rethink?

Sometimes, I feel we are in a episode of Survivor? Some have lost jobs, livelihoods, colleagues, loved one?

My sincere condolences to anyone that is reading this who has suffered loss? May you see some rays of light soon!

Nevertheless, it has come down to flexibility, forgiveness, survival of the fittest, faith, hope, gumption!

Guess the silver lining in all this is... the circumstances we find ourselves in, either bring out the best of humanity or the dismal.

I know many of my friends and colleagues say that this pandemic has stretched capacities they never knew they were capable of?

Hoping your are navigating these water, with your health, peace and mental wellness.

Such as-engaging in value-driven activities,accepting negative experiences nonjudgmentally and moving forward in life, and marshalling social support where its safe. But they’re not necessarily sufficient for grappling with the fluid circumstances and challenges created by the reopening of society.

In hopes we are pausing each day to embrace love and kindness that counteracts self-blame, guilt, feelings of alienation and social isolation.

We human beings are astonishingly resilient and have prevailed over mass traumas and tragedies before– the COVID-19 pandemic will be no exception.

People have proved again and again that it’s possible to forge on and even thrive during periods of turmoil and transition.

These coping strategies can help make sure you come out the other side of this pandemic with a good psychological outlook.

See you on the other side my friends!

All the Best,




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