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Don’t Rush, It’s Gonna Take Time!

Updated: May 6, 2021

Heads Up, health officials are growing increasingly worried that the next week or so — spring break combined with Passover and Easter Sunday — could unwind California’s hard-won gains against the coronavirus.

The confluence of events could spark increased travel, social gatherings and celebrations-

all of which could, without precautions, heighten the risk of coronavirus transmission.

Health experts say the next few weeks will be crucial for California to keep COVID-19 infection rates down and allow many more people get vaccinated.

“I know it’s been very lonely for a lot of folks. It’s been hard,”However that is not reason to throw caution to the wind!

This is a deadly and serious virus.

It’s not taking spring break, nor taking the summer off.

Things are definitely getting looser, noting that we may get more comfortable spending time with friends outside, and even hosting the occasional persons inside.

Still, my peeps, be cautious and careful when it comes to following mask and physical distancing guidelines.

Please, make sure your safe and cautious behavior hasn’t changed, and your keeping a thriving, just not surviving mind-set🦋

Now, if your reading this... I am overjoyed that you are on the other side of this pandemic, we are finally seeing the light of some semblance of normality😇

May peace be unto you😌

May well-being be yours🥰


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