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Skin Integrity Is Everything!

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Let’s Talk about “Skin Anatomy” and why improperly washing your hands and not moisturizing your skin can be comprising your overall health!

The skin is the largest organ of our body, covering 18 square feet and weighing approximately 12 pounds.

Despite positive characteristics, the skin is always susceptible to and at risk of injury and breakdown.

Maintaining “skin integrity” equals maintaining skin health, and this includes people of any age.

Older adults are at a higher risk because of the skin aging process.

As skin ages, the junction between the epidermis and dermis thins and flattens, reducing circulation.

Moisturizing factors in older adults also reduce, thus causing dry, flaky skin and increased risk of skin breakdown.

Skin that is vulnerable to injury, damaged, or unable to heal is considered to have a skin integrity issue.

Intrinsic and extrinsic factors affect skin integrity, but prolonged extrinsic factors make the skin more vulnerable to become injured or impaired.

When skin is altered, the chance of infection, limb loss, and even death increases.

Intrinsic factors may or may not include diabetes, skin diseases, poor nutrition, or vascular diseases, among others.

Extrinsic factors may or may not include pressure, friction, shearing, falls, immobility, and surgical procedures, among others.

Your Skin Layers:

Our skin is composed of three layers that function to maintain skin integrity consistently.

We should have a good understanding of our skin structure layers to determine overall skin health.

1. Epidermis – provides a waterproof barrier and creates our skin tone.

2. Dermis – contains tough connective tissue, hair follicles, and sweat glands.

3. Subcutaneous layer or hypodermis – fat and connective tissue.

How your Skin Functions:

To keep the skin in its optimum healthy state, it must perform a list of vital functions.

Functions include thermoregulation, vitamin D synthesis, sensation, protection, body image,

water retention, and electrolyte balance.

Our skin is the protector of regulation, sensation, and protection. If the skin is damaged or impaired, it affects all skin functions, resulting in poor skin integrity.

We all know by now that hand washing is imperative in the era of Covid-19.

Don’t let your skin break down, get cracked or excessively dry!

Use a non toxic moisturizer 🧴 that hydrates and seals the water into your skin like BootieButtah!

Skin Integrity Promotion Strategies

The following are strategies to promote and maintain skin integrity:

*Moisturize dry skin to maximize lipid barriers; moisturize at minimum twice daily with BootieButtah.

*Avoid hot water during bathing; this will increase dry, cracked skin.

*Protect skin with a non toxic balm or organic skin barrier as indicated.

*Daily skin inspection is important.

*Encourage a well-balanced diet.

*Encourage fluids hydrate yourself!

We hope this will keep our peeps safe and sound with this knowledge!

Let’s not give any place to the enemy for something we are doing that is counter productive.

May this grant you some wisdom, knowledge and peace in taking care of your skin and those you ❤️!

Please share this with your family and colleagues!

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You can pre-pay and dash away! BootieButtah is practicing social distancing for our customers.

Be Well, Be Kind, this too shall pass!

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