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ShootieButtah (c) Body Recovery Balm
  • ShootieButtah (c) Body Recovery Balm

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    ShootieButtah (c) Body Recovery Balm is the perfect way to ease, restore, and relax after a tough situation at the range.


    Our unique blend of Kokum, Moringa, Shea, and Menthol Botanicals will help you zero in your body, turn down the tension, and get back to peak performance.


    Get the relief you need and the comfort you deserve with ShootieButtah (c) Body Recovery Balm!


    Plus, use the code 'Redstone' at checkout for a $5.00 discount on every jar

    • Return Policy

      BootieButtah is temporarily suspending product

      returns – in order to protect our employees and our customers from any additional risk via Covid-19 or current viral activity via LA County Dept. of Health.

      We will not be accepting returns of any merchandise until further notice. Once a produce has been sold on line or used curbside pickup or delivered, we cannot accept it back and give a refund.

    • After Enjoying a Good Day At the Range

      As a legal and responsible gun owner, you’re likely to hit up the firing range, often, so you can hone your skill sets and stay safe. 

      Knowing that you've exercised enough skill to hit a target precisely where you aimed can also be a powerful and rewarding sensation.

      While the firing range is a fun and engaging activity to do when you have the opportunity, you should also schedule in some downtime to clean up, unwind and relax for your post range day.

      After your made made a day of tactical drills, discussing your techniques and how you performed, you may need some TLC?

      If you have had Tactical Tumble? Tight or sore?

      Has Your Center Mass Gone Left?

      Ease, restore and relax with our proprietary blend of Kokum, Moringa, Shea, and Menthol Botanicals.

      Zero in your body, turn down the tension!

      ShootieButtah over body balm gets it done organically.


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