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Mica Bloody Mica

Children are being exploited,

so we can

wear a little shimmer?

This has opened my eyes on a shameful practice. Mica mining by children in India,

done all by hand. Please take out the time to check out this article.

I believe when you know better you do better. Not asking you to chuck out all of your makeup.💄

Our buying choices can begin a ripple in a change. Check out the Think Dirty App. which helps BootieButtah make informed choices when purchasing.

BootieButtah strives for is equitable, transparency in all its purchases to bring you plant based products that are sustainable to our planet 🌍 and the humans who should receive livability, dignity and no exploitation and misery at the hands the greedy and evil supply chains.

Every human in the supply chain financially benefits from obscuring the origin of the mica through this complicated turn of hands, because it keeps costs low by allowing exporters to exploit the people mining it.

(Please click on the link to explore more)

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