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Fall Brings Crunchy Leaves, Your Skin Should Not Be!

Five Fall Skin Care, Pamper, Prime and Repair, it is not complicated, self care is simple!

  1. We need to compensate for the change by adding more moisture to the skin and helping to retain it!

  2. Nourish your skin with elastin and collagen to aid in the recovery process. Coat your skin with cold-processed aloe and thicker buttah's as your skin builds and exfoliates."

  3. In the cooler months, the air gets drier outside and inside with the operation of heaters. When skin starts losing moisture, the barrier can get disrupted, causing increased sensitivity, dryness, and irritation

  4. Avoid dryness and breakouts by hydrating your skin from the inside out. This means drinking more water, consuming foods that are hydrating, investing in a humidifier, and using hydrating serums and moisturizers.

  5. Look for humectant ingredients that attract water like a magnet, BootieButtah's fall/winter blend humectants include Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin.

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