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Caring for your body should not be a toxic ingredient guess?

BootieButtah avoids any toxic mess!

We have none of these chemical additives:

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No toxic pesticides, herbicides

chemicals , artificial  fragrances or coloring, are ever used in the production of our

organic self care products.  

Our sourcing is wild-crafted, 

nutrient-dense, food grade ingredients.

We pride ourselves in

passion with purpose to create quality hair and body balms that deliver transformative results.


Each step in our artisanal

process is

 personally blended and with care, consistency,

and attention to botanical synergy!


It is in every thing we place in our #BootieButtahConverts hands!


BootieButtah Botanicals:


All of our hand picked ingredients are components that originate from plants (Fresh, dried or powdered, herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, hydrosols, leaves or seeds).


We Artfully Blend:

Unrefined butters expeller-pressing and cold-pressing in our handmade methods to extract oils that do not involve solvents or  hexane. 

Kokum. Shea, Mango, Apricot, Hemp, Moringa, Avocado, Sunflower, Kukui,

Aloe Vera, 

Many Uses One Jar:


Applied on your hair as a 

leave in co-wash, conditioner, 

scalp treatment, & hair dress.

Moisturize your nails, hands, cuticles.

Carry it along during your manicure pedicure. 


Slather it on feet, heels, toes for a

nontoxic means of replacing 

chemically laden beauty rituals. 

BootieButtah Whipped Body & Hair Balm: 


Works double time in a soothing massage.Totally replace your lotion

Shave creme,for all over, head to toe body care !



Whipped Sugar Scrub:


Made with 100%

Organic Cane Sugar

to remove dead skin cell layers while exfoliating.


Sugar is also a natural source of glycolic acid, which is commonly used to treat dry, sun-damaged and aging skin.


You may have seen the ingredient

alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).

This ingredient helps the skin by

encouraging cell turnover and generating fresher, looking skin.


AHA occurs naturally in unrefined sugar.







































Shout out to Faith and Hustle, Owners

Fili and Susan Matau, Graphic Artists

For the creation of our wonderful logo.

Much Love and light to you!


BootieButtah is an all organic plant based

botanical self care product.

May cause skin reactions in susceptible individuals,

especially when our products contain,

unrefined plant butters, tree nuts. pollen & essential oils. 

If you have sensitive skin, please do a patch test before use. If application causes an adverse skin reaction, then discontinue use immediately, and see your doctor or pharmacist right away. 

If no relief comes from thoroughly washing or rinsing

the affected area in cool water.

We are not responsible for other than personal topical

use not intended and implied by

BootieButtah, LLC.


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