Our e-store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of out of the box organic, wildcrafted, self care body products. 


BootieButtah offers unique limited editions and one of a kind seasonal wellness body and hair care created with passion and excellence in every offering!


While offering  unique one of kind artisanal self care experiences that you will not find in mass produced body and hair care options.

We do not take for granted BootieButtah has been blessed with an ever growing word of mouth platform via social media!

Understanding in this post covid world we rise to the challenge!


Our Consumers: 

Concerns are paramount we practice social distancing and take sanitary and scientific social distancing precautions seriously


Our Mantra;

We've got no junk in our trunk plant based beauty is BootieButtah's duty


 We Encourage:

Spreading the "BootieButtah" via  word of mouth via social media! 

We Appreciate:

Our influencers of all ages, creeds, all walks of life,

People of Color... 


Shout out to our BootieButtah. Converts on Google, Yelp, TicTok, FaceBook, Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy!

BootieButtah initially began as a home-based business in 2016 developing wild crafted products botanical body wash, sugar scrubs, hair and body balms, tinctures, soaps, and botanical body oils. All Chemical free!
























Happy Holidays



 In Hopes You Are


Caring for your body should not be a toxic ingredient guess?

BootieButtah avoids any toxic mess!

We have none of these chemical additives:

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A Little Bit About BootieButtah...

Shout out to Faith and Hustle, Owners

Fili and Susan Matau, Graphic Artists

For the creation of our wonderful logo.

Much Love and light to you!


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 Community Involvement

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Possible Botanical Allergies?

BootieButtah is an all organic

botanical self care product.

May cause skin reactions

in susceptible individuals.

 Our plant based products contain,

unrefined plant butters, tree nuts. seed oils, leaves, stems, pollens & 

essential oils. 

If you have sensitive skin, please do a patch test before use. If application causes an adverse skin reaction, then discontinue use immediately, and see your doctor or pharmacist right away. 

If no relief comes from thoroughly washing or rinsing

the affected area in cool water.

We are not responsible for other than personal topical

use not intended and implied by

BootieButtah, LLC.