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is on a mission...

We Respect 

feedback of the collective personal experiences of our BootieButtah converts. They share with us constantly. This is the foundation of our creative curiosity!

Our Passion 

evolves around conscientiously researching, cultivating, and crafting ethically sourced "Plant-Based Botanicals" tailored for personal body care.

Research Shows

a staggering 80%

of beauty supply, discount dollar stores, mini malls which are in underserved communities of color.  Contain toxic chemicals, irritants and allergens in self care body products on store shelves.

In response, we  are intentional in our "Botanical Transparency" and empower you to make informed decisions about anything you place on your skin.


Our Commitment

extends beyond

merely producing

mass-manufactured items languishing on store

shelves laden with

artificial preservatives,

colors and fragrances.


Our artisanal offerings are fresh, distinct, and steeped in

organic integrity


BootieButtah Endeavors

to foster a

transformative journey

that uplifts not only

your well-being but also the communities

we live and thrive in.


Women in Repose
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