BootieButtah Mission


All clients must be respected,

appreciated and listened to.

Said feedback is valuable

from many lived experiences.


 BootieButtah Converts

are our wealth of information

and source of inspiration!

​We endeavor to research, harvest,

and blend ethically sound 

“Plant Based Botanicals” 

for hair and body care.


Self care should

not come

at the consumers

expense due to 

the lack of transparency on a label. 


BootieButtah began a quest to enhance awareness regarding toxic

body and self care

products promoted to

people of color, in local beauty supplies in Inglewood Ca. 

By the owners

personal research

found many

toxic chemical components in

bath, body and hair compositions 

mass packaged on 99%

on shelves of these establishments.


Many claimed to be

“organically sound” 

However far from the truth!


BootieButtah promotes and 

encourages ethical sourcing 

for each of our botanicals from

small independent

organic vendors

customized for you.

Our production line practices

respect to the integrity of ingredients

we blend in each product.

We offer plant based unrefined butters.

Wild crafted ingredients, infused in balms, oils, handcrafted in all our personal

self care offerings.

 Hand picked, ethically composed.


We refuse to encourage disparities

and make excuses for a

and lack of choices in

non toxic self care products

sold in underserved communities. 


Seeking to fill this void

Nina began creating BootieButtah

from her grandmothers recipes during

self care rituals. 



was born

to share

artisanal self care,

spreading wellness

organically, mindfully and tangibly!

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